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Unbossing Roundtables

A location-concept, boutique experience


On this 3 day Unbossing experience, we invite selected passionate experts and leaders to connect, discuss, co-create and exchange ideas and experience at a special setting. 

The purpose? 

- Connect to the people

- Connect to an Unbossing Cause 

- Connect to the place 

Check out some of our past roundtables below

Image by Rodrigo Kugnharski

Roundtable Ibiza - 

3-day retreat into nature with passionate leaders who subscribe to unbossing values. We share amazing insights and stories from Roundtable Ibiza in Spain.

Read a testimonial from a participant.

Roundtable Alps - October 2022

Beautiful scenery, lovely chats from the Boutique Hotel Alpenrose. The theme for this roundtable edition was Servant Leadership and Diversity and Inclusion.

Check out how one participant recounts this experience.

alps 5.jpeg

I want to be part of the next edition of the Roundtables

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