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Who are we?

 The Unbossing Company 

We are a global and diverse team of entrepreneurs, experts, consultants, facilitators and researchers. 

Coming from diverse backgrounds, we have a wealth of experience, unique talents and expertise that allows us to guide you on a successful unbossing journey.

Check out our passionate team below!

The Unbossing Team
Unbossed Dounia.png

Antwerp, Belgium

Unbossed Thomas.png

Brussels, Belgium

Unbossed Jeff.png

Portland, Oregon, USA


Paris, France

Unbossed Karen.png

Hamburg, Germany

Unbossed Dr. Johanna.png

Antwerp, Belgium

Unbossed Deborah.png

Accra, Ghana

Unbossed Ali.png

Frankfurt, Germany

Our global community is still growing, you can join this unbossing movement.

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