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The Unbossed Leadership Program

Based on the "inspire, coach and trust" mindset we present the Unbossed Leadership workshop which provides the methods and tools that you require to become an unbossed leader. 

Updating .............. 

We are updating Version 1 of the Unbossed Leadership Program in consultation with other global leaders and members of the unbossing community who are passionate about building unbossed leaders. 

Version 2 in the works! Our journey so far;

🎯 Vision Workshop -  We began with an engaging session where we each shared our stories of why unbossing and our vision for the world of work!

🌟 Developing Desirable Unbossed Leadership Competencies - From our vision stories we outlined the 5 desired competencies we believed each unbossed leader needs to possess.

We shared these with over 25 amazing global leaders with a heart for the unbossing mission. Their feedback and insights allowed us to streamline our vision for the unbossed leader even further to meet the demands of teams and businesses all over the world.

📖 Developing Modules- Now, we have our 5 key competencies which we believe will turn every leader into a phenomenal unbossed leader capable of building an inspired team of people who deliver results and respond to the needs of the changing world of work.


Our next task is to develop the appropriate modules capable of equipping leaders with the 5 competencies. 

Young People at a Workshop

Why Unbossed Leadership?

The expectations placed on leaders have evolved due to changing employee priorities, the rise of technology and the fast-changing world!

We have found that the leaders that succeed in this modern world often avoid "command and control"  to embrace an "inspire, coach and trust"  leadership mindset

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