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The Unbossed Leadership Program

Based on the "inspire, coach and trust" mindset we present the Unbossed Leadership workshop which provides the methods and tools that you require to become an unbossed leader. 

Young People at a Workshop

Why Unbossed Leadership?

The expectations placed on leaders have evolved due to changing employee priorities, the rise of technology and the fast-changing world!

We have found that the leaders that succeed in this modern world often avoid "command and control"  to embrace an "inspire, coach and trust"  leadership mindset

What is our approach?

The Unbossed Leadership Program is focused on enabling and empowering you to lead, grow and change as a leader. Each module under these pillars will equip you with relevant knowledge, skills and effective tools that will give you an edge as a leader to compete in the world of work today

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Who is this training for?

  • Freshly appointed leader who needs a comprehensive and immediately applicable guide to leadership relevant for today’s world of work.


  • The experienced leader who wants to explore and embrace leadership by “inspire, coach and trust” instead of command and control.


  • The CEO or CHRO who wants to offer this training to her/his people as a catalyst towards unbossed leadership, either as is or in a co-created company tailored version.

What will you gain at the end of this program?

  • You will gain practical and applicable knowledge to become an inspirational and effective leader, with your individual strengths.


  • You will have access to all tools and frameworks that can be used to implement the modules and knowledge shared in this training.


  • Right from the start of the program, you’ll be empowered to immediately put into practice these tools and skills. You will also receive continuous guidance on the journey.

Who will be facilitating this program?

This course will be facilitated by The Unbossing Company - We are a diverse group of consultants, entrepreneurs and industry leaders who are passionate about putting a smile on the faces of employees every Monday Morning.


Each of us brings to the table unique insights and varying perspectives from over 40+ years of combined experience in leadership and leadership coaching


Karen Eilers

Thomas Hubbuch

Deborah Bempong

Ali Boujataoui

Check out full team profile here

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