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About Unbossing

the journey from "command and control" to "inspire, coach and trust".

Why Unboss?

Attract and keep the talent that you need.

Autonomy, trust and the ability to make an impact is how your people get and stay engaged. They enable you to attract the future workforce you need. 


Illustration by Gizzelle Akin

Stay Relevant

Traditionally organized companies risk failing in the currently fast changing markets. Having flexible and agile structures that allow you to respond quickly to the market is key if your company will continue to succeed in the coming era.


Illustration by Gizzelle Akin

The 3 Dimensions of every Unbossing Journey

Our approach to unbossing relies on a shift on these three dimensions:

Purpose, Vision, Mission

Which common motivation connects you as a team?

  • Which difference do you aspire to make in the lives of your customers? (Purpose)

  • What will the world look like when your purpose and mission are fulfilled? (Vision)

  • Which products, services, values do you apply to support it? How is each one connected to your purpose? (Mission)


Are purpose, mission and vision clearly communicated in- and outside your company? Are your people living and breathing it?  That’s the bedrock of Unbossing serving as a guide and inspiration for your teams as they apply their talent and skills.

How to Unboss?


We often use the picture of “command-and-control” leadership as treating people like cogs in a giant machine.

Whereas the result of Unbossed “inspire, coach and trust” leadership looks like a beautiful garden, where leaders - like gardeners - provide the perfect environment for everyone to blossom.

The mindset shift of leaders to seeing their people as most important internal customers, whom they empower, is the central pivot point of every Unbossing journey. The “make-or-break”- moment.

Organisational Structure

How is an unbossed company organised?
There is no standard solution, no “magical tool” or framework which could be copied. 
Every unbossed company has its very unique way of teams co-creating and working together.

Here is what all of their organisation models have in common:

  • They maximise the speed of innovation.

  • They minimise the cost of every change to products or processes.

  • They fight every single piece of unnecessary bureaucracy.

  • They place initiative and decision power with the teams closest to the customer.

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