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We offer carefully curated services and products that are designed to make the journey from "command and control" to an "inspire, coach and trust"  collaborative and effective.

The Unbossing Pulse Check

Wondering where your company is on the Unbossing scale? Complete this Free Unbossing Assessment to see how your company fares based on Unbossing Values that mark the world's fastest and most successful teams, such as a sense of purpose, freedom and autonomy, servant leadership etc.


You can either take the test by yourself to help you understand where you and your team fit on the unbossing scale or download and share this test with your entire team to get a more holistic view of your company or teams' unbossing status.

The Unbossing Climate Analysis

This in-depth analysis will explore the current state of your company as relates to the unbossing journey. The duration is a four-week period where through curated assessments and conversations we help you understand how your company performs on the  unbossing dimensions which are;

  • Purpose, mission, vision 

  • Leadership 

  • Organisational structure

Based on the results of this analysis, we will work with you and your team to co-create a possible unbossing journey.

The Unbossing Journey

​This is a tailor-made transformation journey that moves your company from "command and control" to an inspire, coach and trust leadership and culture. 

The unbossing journey is co-created and designed with you and your team to ensure that it is relevant to your business and your people. 

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